1000 is a Magic Number: The Daily “Huh?”

Image: Guilty as Charged

On January 27th of 2010, when Uphill Writing was born, I made a goal…
That goal was to post 1000 articles in less than 9 months.
Today, September 4, 2010, Uphill Writing hit 1000 posts!
How long did it take?  Seven months and 8 days.
This could only happen with you.  If you didn’t read…
If you didn’t encourage, and if a good number of you hadn’t
Stepped forward to be Guest Bloggers, this would have taken much longer.

Thank you all – you have made it possible.  Now it’s on to the second 1000,
for there is no rest for bloggers.  

Anybody got a good cure for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Image: noachristofer.wordpress.com


8 responses to “1000 is a Magic Number: The Daily “Huh?”

  1. Just checked it out, and of course you probably know there are lots of helpful blogs that you can Google for carpal tunnel syndrome. You’ll just be fine, Richard. The web’s fantastic; in no time at all, maybe we won’t even need doctors any more, grin grin. Congratulations, again for l000.

  2. Great graphic!

    Congratulations on reaching your hard won “tipping point.”

  3. Ricky,

  4. Well done, Rik. I knew you’d do it, sir.

  5. Congratulations Richard 🙂

  6. Congrats! Now – don’t set the house on fire. :-]

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  8. Just realized the ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ referred to all the work you were doing on the computer.

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