Does Learning to Create an eBook Have to Be an UPHILL Battle? – Blogosphere

Image: I made this one.


Today’s find seems, at first glance, anyway, to be a real gem.

Here’s a guy who will do the whole job for you for $79, and he’ll typically do in 10 days or less.  Frankly, that sounds like a good deal to me, as writing and gathering all the data seems like a big enough job to begin with.

The company and website, is called, and it seems to be more than just a commercial site.

I found several pages of good, solid information for anyone who wants to do the whole thing personally, and I found one particular gem that will help me in my ongoing blogsA whole page of free image sites!

To be fair this may not be the “be-all, end-all” solution, but I have to admit it looks better than most I’ve seen so far.

The search for understanding and resources will continue day by day until I feel confident that I’ve made the correct decision.  In the meantime, please forward whatever is in your magic bag about eBook publishing.  Send it as a comment, or get my address from the UhW “contact” page.

And so it goes…


2 responses to “Does Learning to Create an eBook Have to Be an UPHILL Battle? – Blogosphere

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  2. Congratulations, Richard. An appropriate post for the l000 milestone. You’ve ‘killed two birds with one stone’.

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