A Musical Note: Cat Stevens – Oh, Very Young

The story of Cat Stevens is an odd one.  He made a huge hit on the world of music in the early 1970s with albums, Tea for the Tillerman, and Teaser and the Firecat, and followed them with a third album, Catch Bull at Four each of the albums winning critical acclaim, and selling very well.

In 1977 he converted to Islam and took the name Yusuf Islam, auctioned off his guitars and gave the money to charity, and put aside his musical career.  He returned to pop music in 2006 with an album “An Other Cup“.  His new music is competent, but I miss his original sound.

And speaking of the original sound, may I present to you, “Oh, Very Young”, by Cat Stevens.


5 responses to “A Musical Note: Cat Stevens – Oh, Very Young

  1. Thank you, Richard. Cat Stevens is a favorite of mine. But I also like what I’ve heard of his more recent works. It’s his personality, and perspective on life, I believe, that I really can appreciate, plus the lyrics of all of his songs.

  2. Born in London to a Swedish mother and a Greek father on July 21 1948, Steven Demetre Georgiou became interested in music in his teens, began performing under the name Steve Adams in 1965, and eventually became known to the world as songwriter and singer Cat Stevens before converting to Islam and becoming Yusuf Islam in 1977.

    He was born on my birthday and I may have a [part] Greek father or something Eastern Mediterranean. That’s where the similarities end though. :-]

  3. I had one of those albums just can’t remember which. One of the few that I liked. It was a soothing melodic sort of sound. I’m not a big music person.

  4. There’s a recurring father-son motif in his lyrics that’s interesting. I love this song.

  5. I learned to play guitar using Cat Stevens music.

    Buddha and the Chocolate Box holds many treats as well.

    Awesome pik, Rik.

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