Rant – Rhyme = Reason(?): The Daily “Huh?”


Image: Guilty as Charged

“You give me what I want, or I will not eat.”
“Beg pardon?”
“I said I will not eat. I will starve myself.”
“Really. You DO know that will hurt a lot, right?”
“You will be sorry if you do not capitulate.”
“Hmm. Not as sorry as you will be.”
“You will watch me grow thin and die.”
“No, actually, I’ll go home for dinner and watch TV.”
“But it is my LIFE we are talking about.”
“Yep. Sure is.”

From: Waterskiing in Finnegan’s Wake


3 responses to “Rant – Rhyme = Reason(?): The Daily “Huh?”

  1. Gees! You’re going ‘philosophic’ on me. Love it. But have you ever tried to read ‘Finnegan’s Wake? (I guess I wouldn’t be too successful using my life as a coercive force, either! grin grin)

  2. Brilliant. No one says it quite like Joyce…when you can understand him, that is.

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