The Battle for ePublishing – AuthorHouse

The story is told of Diogenes of Sinope.  He was a different sort of chap.  A contrarian if ever there was one. 

It is said that he carried a lantern with him, even in daylight, in search of an honest eBook publisher.  Eventually the guy he stole the lantern from came to reclaim it.  But that is another story altogether, and it has very little to do with today’s report on eBook publishing.

In my scatter-gun technique for finding an eBook publisher I continue to search for a good solution to creating an eBook for a blog.   I have not yet found one, if you are wondering, but I ran across today. 

From what I can tell, they do offer eBook services and a free download of their own eBook on publishing.  To get it you have to answer many questions and present patents of nobility, which is a bit of a pain, especially because their free book appears to be more  a very long advertisement than a useful reference book.

To be fair, they look to be competent, but it seems that their prime motivation is to sell you traditional format books produced via self-publishing.  The prices they display go from $399 to $599.

Frankly, folks, I’m not yet sold on any of these big houses.  I feel there is an easy—and if “easy” is stretching it a bit, at least an inexpesnsive—way to format and post an eBook on our blogs.

A recap so far:  I’ve found two free processes that will format your book and allow you complete control over the end product… but you will recall the “catch” is that they will not work on a WordPress hosted blog.  Perhaps I should add that unless you want to give your eBook away, you’d have to either have created your Blog on a paid host, or have moved your blog from the WP hosted site to a paid host, as WordPress will not allow you to sell on a blog hosted with them.

We can but push on, and push on we shall…


One response to “The Battle for ePublishing – AuthorHouse

  1. The ‘battle’ may then be ‘Uphill’ but you are indeed making it into very interesting ‘posts’.

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