eBooks: Looking For the Magic Bullet

Image: I made this one.

We’re still looking for the mythical, mystical magic bullet that will turn our Blogs into eBooks.

Alas, are we destined to keep looking day after day?

From the results I’ve seen so far, I’m guessing we’re a long way from being able to wave our hands over the screen and make an eBook appear.

That said, I have found an interesting resource for potential eBookers.  It is called eBook Template Source, and while some of the items listed (specifically software for making a cover for your book) have a price tag on them, most of what is offered there is free.

In fact, I’d say that this is what our Uphill Writing Series wants to be when it grows up: just like the eBook Template Source, but with a pile of added features.

In any event, take a look at this site.  Let me know what you think.

I’d say we’re finally closing in on the right track.

…of course, we’re still looking…


One response to “eBooks: Looking For the Magic Bullet

  1. I don’t understand. On the one hand they are advising subscribers to cut out the middle man and save money, and on the other hand they are promoting the idea of free e-books in order to promote Blog marketing sales.
    This does not strike me as a profitable way to publish a novel, or whatnot. (Unless the novel can be put on a blog with marketing features?)

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