A Musical Note: Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight

Some days ago I posted Carpet Crawlers by Genesis.

The lead singer on that track was Peter Gabriel.  When Gabriel left Genesis, their drummer, Phil Collins stepped up to take over.  Astoundingly he sounded so much like Peter Gabriel the group had no significant change in sound.

Later when Phil Collins began a solo career he produced the amazing song I’m playing for you today…  In the Air Tonight.

Typically I like the studio versions over live takes, but in this case the audience reaction, and the way the stage technicians manage to do live what they could do in the studio, make this video an incredible experience.

Watch—and listen—to the audience reaction when they realize he is moving to his drum set to do the big finale of this song.

Turn it up.


2 responses to “A Musical Note: Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight

  1. Phil tells it like it is. Anyone who says he’s a mediocre copy of Peter Gabriel doesn’t know their music.

  2. An appropriate song after this morning post about the possibility both of seeing ourselves as others see us, as well as ‘truly’ seeing the other person. He is talking about his own pain, it should be noted, in the effect of the ‘other’ person on him. Perhaps there is a way I can learn to bear the pain of others, without resentment, and my usual reactive self-defensive measures. But then, Christ was mocked by that Herod in the video you once had on this site, so maybe bearing the pain can be what it means to be ‘crucified’, and I wonder what it is that he’s waiting for when he calls to the Lord? Release. Forgiveness. Restitution. What will the good Lord bring us?

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