How to Use Open Office to Create Your eBook


Image: I made this one.


Over the last several sessions we’ve looked at various “professional” eBook services.

We have discovered that there is more to it than just writing… but then, that’s true of all publishing these days, isn’t it?

We have learned that the best physical format for an eBook is a PDF file, specifically as a PDF file’s physical format will not be changed by the reading device in any important way.  Graphs, graphics, special characters, font sizes and the like will stay as created when using a PDF format.

We have seen that after writing and formatting, the process of serving the eBook comes to light.

We know that an eBook can be “marketed” by simply placing a link on your site, which along with a free PayPal, can give you the ability to sell your work.

We have also seen writers who give their books away, or who trade a download link for an email subscription (a very good idea), or for other information.

Today I want to present an alternative method for the creation of your eBook.  Using Open Office, a free replacement for Microsoft Office, all the tools you need to create your eBook are available.  But first, a word about Open Office.  Open Office is a wonderful suite of applications which do everything Microsoft Office does (and a bit more).  The files created by the spreadsheet, the word processor, the data manager, and all components can be saved in Microsoft formats, and are completely compatible.

I switched over to OO when I started counting up the number of times I’ve had to purchase new versions of the Microsoft product just to keep up. 



Open Office updates continue to be free.  Hmm… costly vs. free… I choose free.  Especially as I don’t lose any functionality.

Now, for the process.  Rather than steal the information, I’ll just send you to a “eHow” link that gives you what you need.  Use Open Office to create an eBook.

Take a look, and let me know what you think…


3 responses to “How to Use Open Office to Create Your eBook

  1. Great going if you have web experience. Since I’ve only had a computer for the last couple of years, I guess I’ll have to go with my capabilities/understanding.

  2. Actually, I read and understood. So it is a possibility. Thanks, Richard. Will save this.

  3. Love Open Office and all of it’s sister programs as well, works great for what I need to do.

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