How to Market Your eBook

Image: I made this one.

OK, OK, we’re putting the cart before the horse a bit here.  Oh, wait, there are those of you who don’t know what a horse cart is.  Let me put it another way:  We’re talking about marketing a book before we’ve got it finished. 

Isn’t that a bit precipitous? 

Ah, well.  UhW may be known for ideas… but not necessarily for cohesive thought.  ))

As CreateSpace is now a sponsor for the Fremont Area Writers Club “MeetUp” group, I thought I’d take a closer look at what it is all about.  As you probably know CreateSpace is a function of Amazon, and is a “front end” for authors, musicians and film makers.  That is to say, it allows you to market your products on-line for a percentage of the profit.

I have to say that of all the systems I’ve seen so far, this one appears to be the easiest to get into, and has the least fiscal impact upon the seller.

For writers this means that you can sell physical or eBooks online immediately if your book is ready.  If I am reading this correctly, the only upfront cost for a paper book would be if you chose to purchases copies of your own book, and in that case the price is very good.  A black and white interior book of 300 pages in a standard 5″x 8″ size would cost you $7.50 each.  Reselling the book on your website or personally for $10 or $12 would bring you a good profit and would beat the prices of most other POD publishers I’ve reviewed.

They also have a “Pro” plan that costs $39 for the first year, and $5 a year thereafter.  It greatly reduces the cost of copies of your book to you, and increases the amount paid to you in royalties


Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have not viewed every offer out there, but CreateSpace can sell your book as a paper or as an eBook, and… let me guess, you’ve purchased a book or nine from Amazon yourself… right?

I’ll continue to look into what’s out there for us, but I gotta say, this one sounds sweet.

Quick note:

I’ll be out of the blogging business for the next week or so.  Well, there may be an occasional “hiya” or short piece, but I will not be keeping up regular posts for this period (Saturday through Saturday), except for a special Guest Post Saturday morning.


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  1. Thanks for the tip, especially with respect to marketing a paper book.

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