A Musical Note: Brian Ferry (and Jane Birkin) – In Every Dream Home a Heartache

When I first heard this song, lo, so many years ago, I was absolutely blown away.  It was first recorded by Brian Ferry‘s group Roxy Music, and that was the version I was looking for to play for you today.  Having never heard of Jane Birkin, when I found this version I was hesitant.  Then I listened.

This version is shorter and less manic, but I feel it still has the impact, and the lyrics, if you dare to listen, are amazing.

Take a listen to In Every Dream Home a Heartache performed by Brian Ferry and Jane Birkin.


One response to “A Musical Note: Brian Ferry (and Jane Birkin) – In Every Dream Home a Heartache

  1. Well, after this song I’m going to forgive myself for not being a very capable listener of music lyrics. I’ve always thought that lyricists purposely kept the lyrics simple in order to give priority to the musical value of the song. Repetition in words as well as notes was the rule. But then you run across lyrics like these, which are closer to poetry as I have always understood than song lyrics to even the classical compositions. Of course poetry is become more diversified as well, with poetry written primarily to be spoken rather than read. But I would urge anyone who wants to savor the structure of these lyrics to type in the song title followed by the word ‘lyrics’ on the toolbar, so that you will be able to analyse as well as enjoy some fine writing.

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