Back On Line

It’s hard to believe.  At least for me… but we’re back.

The 8-day hiatus helped.  Here’s what happened:

Went to a condo in Reno, Nevada.  Contributed mightily to the local economy.  Got some exercise, had a few meals in nice restaurants, contributed more to the local economy and did some sight-seeing.

What did I see?

Would you believe Balloon Races?  Would you believe Airplane Races?  Would you believe Human Races?

Some of the places I visited: 


Well, you get the picture.  No, really, if you haven’t been there…  There really ARE slot machines in just about every business from Gas Stations to Grocery Stores.

But wait, you say, you couldn’t have spent all of your time gambling… and you’d be right.  That actually got old pretty quick.

I did read an excellent book.  A book, in fact, that I’ll be reviewing in these… erm, pages today or tomorrow.

Here’s what I did not do.  Despite the best of intentions, I did not work on Uphill Writing.  At all.  I did not work on my other three blogs.  At all.  I did not work on my novel, FIVE.  At all.  I did not enter a yodeling contest.  At all.

I did almost no writing at all, either.  That said, I did outline my novel for the upcoming NaNoWriMo competition, and I think—only think, mind you—that the idea is as good as any I’ve ever had, and better than most.  Gotta admit, I’m happy about that.  What?  You want a clue?  OK, the title is either Wizard Blood, or Blood of the Wizard.  Oh, and it will not be a YA novel or in any way Harry Potterish.  Expect it to be edgy and gritty.

That’s pretty much it on Hiatus-Ville…

Oh, one more thing.  In case you haven’t noticed:  We have a new look.


5 responses to “Back On Line

  1. Welcome back, Rik, and I did indeed notice the new look. Snazzy!

  2. Welcome back Rik.
    Very glad about the yodeling …

  3. Welcome Back, Richard. Glad you had the opportunity to combine a little pleasure with your Uphill writing. All the best.

  4. Your new book idea sounds like fun. Can’t wait to hear how it develops. I think I’ll try a mystery for my NaNoWriMo, never tried one before. I might need to ask Nancy C. for a few pointers.

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