Hackneyed: Word of the Day

Hackneyed, adj.

Used too often; commonplace.

“Military Intelligence” is not just a contradiction in terms, it is also a hackneyed phrase.”

How will you use hackneyed in a sentence today?

Note to readers: Starting today we are moving away from puns and looking for words that will actually help a writer.


4 responses to “Hackneyed: Word of the Day

  1. I like the new look. Good work.

  2. A brilliant sun fading over the horizon; a tree spreading its bare branches up into a blue sky streaked with crimson; soft blankets of white snow enfolding sheathes of wheat; all of these descriptions may sound hackneyed; but not when they are being painted by an artist friend of mine on the barren and brick stuccoed wall of my kitchen.

  3. I thought Military Intelligence was an oxymoron.

  4. Ricky,
    Welcome back! Great new look and I also love the idea of having the change in the vocabulary category.

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