Dilettante: Word of the Day

Dilettante, n.
A person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, esp. in a desultory or superficial way; dabbler.

Online Writers Sites are populated not only with serious writers, but with a large number of  dilettantes and poseurs.

How will you use dilettante in a sentence today?


One response to “Dilettante: Word of the Day

  1. A similar distinction was made with respect to the difference between poetasters from true poets in the times of Byron, Shelley, etc. But the mural on my wall is complete, and although it is a bit ‘fantastic’, I will protest if anyone says it is the work of a mere artistes, or dilettante . (Imagine five blue birds flying around their nest in the middle of winter! grin grin).

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