A Musical Note: Ray Thomas – For My Lady

For My Lady was written and recorded by Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues in 1972.

Due to the magic of studio recording, he both sings and plays the background flute in this piece.

The Moody Blues are known for strong lyrics and complex melodies.  When Ray Thomas left the Moody Blues some years back for health reasons, the group’s dynamic changed, unfortunately for the worse.

Thanks to the power of time travel, I can present to you Ray Thomas, and “For My Lady”.


One response to “A Musical Note: Ray Thomas – For My Lady

  1. Might as well leave on a good note, for Moody Blues is still my favorite band from ‘way back then’. So this is a follow up comment to ‘Staying in Touch’. It seems that I am the only respondent who felt that I was not fitting into the mold. That, for me, there was no ‘staying in touch’. And so I think it best that I leave, and do my own thing, my own writing, in my own style, at my own pace. When I studied music, it was rules, rules, rules, and I think I no longer want to live within the ‘expert’ dimension for any part of my life. I will however aim for integrity in my life as well as in my writing. I did check out Mirror, Mirror and found her an excellent writer. But then I could not write like that. I have to write of my own experiences and interpretations, for I have never wanted, (something the psychologists take as a rule) to offer advice on how others should live their lives. For instance I never believed in telling my children fairy tales, but I know not whether it might actually be a good thing within another family context. In any case, I head out for new frontiers. As a closing anedote, it seems like my ‘offense’, in which I telephoned the professors who I considered were sexually verbally, and through innuendo on my papers which I therefore couldn’t prove, would today be treated like such offenses as calling yourself a witch. I have a whole list of such worn-out offenses as part of the package I received, and was told to ignore, in my application for jury duty. That, I look forward to, as an interesting bit of research for the final and third part of the trilogy. Thank you again, Richard, for all your help, and your excellent Blog.

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