A Clean, Well-Lighted Place to… Write


It occurred to me that while I’ve puttered around this question a lot over the months that Uphill Writing has been around, I’ve never really gotten a good answer.  So, here’s another try.

What really makes a good place to read?  What makes the best environment?

The answer to this must surely be subjective.  I’m guessing that if I interviewed 10 writers on the topic, I’d get 13 or 14 different answers.

What do you need to make a writing environment that really works?    

  • Do you need a clutter-free desk top?
  • Do you need notebooks and “yellow stickies” for real time note-taking?
  • Do you need a particular type of keyboard for your computer?
  • Do you need a particular kind of monitor?
  • Should your room be brightly lit?  Or should the only light come from the computer screen?
  • Is your room best by day?  Is it best by night?
  • Does it need to be quiet?  Is music OK?  If music is acceptable, is there a certain type?

    Yes, I work here every day

Is it possible that the best place to write is just wherever you are?  My office/studio is cluttered with notes, books, posters, pictures, and eye-catching thing of all sorts.  Could you stand to write in a crowded, cluttered room?  Could you write without the clutter?

I’m anxious, really, to hear what works for you.  What kind of space does your muse insist upon?  What environment does it take to get you going?


4 responses to “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place to… Write

  1. I become more and more convinced by each succeeding moment, that the only thing required is ‘solitude’. A thesis worth testing, I would think.

  2. It really has already been said. I think the answer is ‘A Room of One’s Own’. That I have. Hopefully, then I will be able to write from my mind and my heart, without compromising my beliefs to others. This, I feel is more important than having a physically clean desk. So, as far as I am concerned, the objections to my remarks, the interpretations of those connected with this blog can go on. I admit I was a little frightened at first of a ‘backlash’. But I have decided. It no longer matters to me. Indeed, possibly it is an indication that I truly do have something unique, and perhaps even controversial to contribute to the present age. I enjoyed reading your ‘Six’ Richard, and your remarks on my book. I hope I can continue to be as helpful as I can within my limitations, to young writers on Webook. The secret is to expect no ‘return on the investment of time in that direction’. I know what I want to do with my book when finished, and thanks to you I am no registered on the Amazon site you recommended, plus the other good one I found, which is similar, Lulu.com. So that will look after itself too. But I only have so much time left in my life. It has to be a choice between writing, and the familiar blogs, and I have made my choice. The best to you Richard.

  3. My apologies Richard. The book I read was ‘Five’. I’m still waiting to read ‘Six’. Happy writing.

  4. My only requirement when I write is an idea. Once I have that, I can write in a dark, quiet room with just the glow from the monitor lighting my face (talk about bad lighting!) or in a coffee place (Panera is my favorite) amid a cacophony of sounds. The only thing I cannot do is write with music playing. I love them both too much and it seems I cannot share them. Good question, though!

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