Dénouement: Word of the Day

Dénouement, n.

The final resolution of the intricacies of a plot, as of a drama or novel.

Finally, with the hero victorious, the princess saved, the evil wizard defeated… with the red herrings explained, the dead herrings resolved, all lived in a happy dénouement.

How will you use dénouement in a sentence today?


One response to “Dénouement: Word of the Day

  1. What. Sunday, and still no takers on the Word of Yesterday. Just read and was delighted with nrhatch’s presentation of how to respond the next time my daughter calls me a ‘Drama Queen’. My thanks to her, especially as my daughter, a lawyer, asks me what the h…. I was doing acting for the first thirty years of my life, – it’s such a ‘drama queen’ job! grin grin.
    But I’m for the takers on the denouement word. But I hope nobody is ad-verse to the per-verse within my comment. Maybe it will illuminate a few ‘light’ bulbs! So, this morning I’m sitting on the patio at the cafe going over in my head what I would write next and I thought: “Denouement? Can’t think about it. To date I haven’t even reached my climax!” grin grin.

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