Janis Bell – Guest Speaker at Fremont Area Writers

On the monthly meeting of the Fremont Area Writers Club (a member organization of the California Writers Club) we sponsor a guest speaker in the second hour.

This month our speaker was Janis Bell.  Here is the announcement write-up from our websiteJanis will be talking about the grammar and punctuation errors that even good writers make, the kinds of sentences governed by rules that many of us aren’t aware of.  Why shouldn’t we all know what professional editors know?  For example, the difference between who and whom, which and that, if and whether, me and myself; when to use semicolons vs. colons, how to create dashes vs. hyphens; whether to place periods inside or outside closing quotes.  Janis loves her subject and loves talking with CWC audiences, so come prepared to enjoy yourself — and to ask any question you’ve ever had about the nuts and bolts of sentences.             

Image: JanisBell.com

Janis did a delightful and engaging presentation.  She spoke from the heart on Grammar and Punctuation, and answered as many questions from the audience as time would permit.   I cannot remember another speaker being pressed to speak on past our scheduled time, and the groans of regret when she finally had to finished her lively talk were heart-felt.  We hope we will be able to bring her back in the future, and we wish her all the best with her book, “Clean, well-lighted sentences“, which many of us purchased on the spot.


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