Varicose: Word of the Day

varicose, adj.

Abnormally or unusually enlarged or swollen.

“He was habituated now to the redundancy of the trail’s surrounding features—the Spanish moss-like vegetation, the sprouts of sharp underbrush, the varicose little ditches engraved by the spring floods.”

How will you use varicose in a sentence today?


6 responses to “Varicose: Word of the Day

  1. Are you going back to the puns, your jester, you! grin grin If not, I see possibilities that are varicose.

    • I thought about going back to the puns, Loreen, in fact, I got varicose to doing so, but I’ve realized that actual vocabulary is more useful, and I don’t have to settle for lame words only because I can think of a pun for them. ))

  2. I agree, Richard. Perhaps my ‘send-up’ was not in order. Glad I’m back I’ve thought of a legit remark meant, as you want, to develop ourselves as writers. After all, it’s time to ‘get serious’.
    My thoughts run in varicose rivulets of rhyme; obtuse associations that need the rock bed of the river beneath them, the support of solid reason.

  3. Loreen Lee what you said is beautiful. I wish I had that ability. With Fibromyalgia it’s difficult enough just to come up with regular plain words sometimes much less the beautiful words you just used.

    • Thanks, Linda. Read your blog. Very, very good. although I don’t agree with you politically on everything. I’m for rehabilitation and education over punishment, for instance. And fairy-tales? Didn’t go there with my kids, but some people like the imagery it introduces to children. To each his own. All the best with the health issues. Have friend with the disorder so I appreciate your comment. I’ve been assigned other ‘disorders’; so don’t give up. Write, write, write, regardless.

  4. Sorry, Linda. Think after reading Richard’s response to you that I have confused you with someone else. Must learn to be quiet. I’m a beginner at this blogging business too. So the advice above still applies. The best.

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