Cognate: Word of the Day

Cognate, adj.
Allied or similar in nature or quality.

Certain languages, French and Spanish, for instance, or Laotian and Thai, are considered cognates of each other.

How will you use cognate in a sentence today?


4 responses to “Cognate: Word of the Day

  1. It is essential to remain cognate in the poetic as well as discursive practices of writing for it to be considered ‘good’.

  2. Sometimes I don’t know myself whether I’m speaking seriously or ironically. (Is there necessarily always a ‘differance’. (Derrida’s word). That’s how I feel about ‘truth’. But things do ‘have to follow’, i.e. be cognate. And perhaps the language really is writing me. But just came back from the bookstore, and yes I can get a few works by Jurgen Habermas. Maybe I’ve found my post-post-modern philosopher and those books by Heidegger and Derrida will never get read in my house. I’ll have enough to read with the one’s that are available to the public. So I know now where my commitments are. It’s been so much fun on this blog. I am going to keep my poeticinteraction blog for posting my less philosophical book, and people can choose whether or not to read the philosophy which will ‘follow’ sequentially the story. Perhaps you will keep it on your Blogroll. Going to try for once a week, Sunday postings. But I do ‘get into trouble’ on this blog with my spontaneous irony. I am encouraged in this endeavor by what is considered the ‘principle’ of The Theory of Communicative Action. “If it can’t be subject to criticism, it is not ‘rational’.” Quite the words to speak and write by. It’s always easier said than done. So I know you will all fare well without me, and I pray I’m leaving, for the most part, in good communication. That post on the ‘gnome’ was as you suspect my modern rendition of the ‘Liar’s Paradox’ (Zeno), so I’m glad you enjoyed it nr. The best to all of you. Hopefully, I can avoid the temptation of clinging to this site and that I can drop by once in awhile without getting addicted. I do have access to all the sites, but if I subscribe I’ll just continue being a hanger-on blogger. Gees….I really hate to leave, but I’ve got to make the philosophy my priority. We need what’s called ‘situated’ philosophy, and that’s what I’m attempting in my ‘novel’. All the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. Happy writing and blogging.

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