10 Ways to Tune Your Writing Environment

We have said that writing is a solitary occupation, and that is true for the most part.  Unless you are co-authoring a piece, you probably do most of your work alone.  Still, distractions happen. 

There has to be a way do diminish their effect.  Let’s give making a list a try:

  1. Turn off the radio or mp3 player.  Music may have the charm to soothe the savage breast, but it is also distracting.  If you must have music, consider these options: Instrumental music, or songs sung in a language you do not speak.
  2. Disconnect the Internet.  If every time you get an email you are driven to find out who it was from, and to decide if you need to reply, you are distracted.
  3. Disconnect the phone.  Unless you expect an emergency call, anyone trying to reach you can be put off for a few hours.
  4. Close the door.  Keeping the curious out of your workspace is always a good thing.
  5. Use a straight-backed, and not TOO comfortable chair.  Get too comfortable, and you’re liable to drift off.
  6. Be sure that the chair is adjusted to the proper height so you can type without resting your hands on the keyboard.
  7. Be sure your keyboard is the right one for you.  Just because keyboard X came with your computer, it doesn’t mean it is the best thing for your writing career.  Check out what’s available, test them and see what works best for you.
  8. Make sure you have the right amount of light in the office or workspace.  This is an individual thing, but make sure you are not distracted or blinded by light.
  9. Make sure the size font you are typing is of a size and clarity that does not strain your eyes.
  10. Make sure the temperature and air-flow in the room is comfortable.  Too warm, or too stuffy, and you could become tired.

Now, now… don’t get me wrong.  These are just TEN of the ways you can make your writing environment better.  I’m betting there are at least 10 more, and perhaps 10 more than that. 

I know.  Why don’t YOU write a comment with your additions (or subtractions) to this list?

Your thoughts?


3 responses to “10 Ways to Tune Your Writing Environment

  1. You’ve been watching me, haven’t you? I sit hunched over, elbows on knees, downstairs in my front room. What I should be doing is sitting upstairs on my writing chair…away from the TV.

  2. No. 2 is what I have had, and continue to have to come to terms with. It’s the expectation of the e-mails that does it, and wanting to be there the moment they come in. I think I’ve solved that little problem. Discipline. That’s what’s needed. It’s better to wait in line for incoming comments. You’ve got to put the writing first, even if it’ not very good.

  3. I’m petite and my writing desk is standard size. If I raise the chair so I can have proper hand position to type my feet dangle, which drives me a little nuts. I’ve found that if I take my wireless keyboard and set it on my lap it is much more comfortable not to mention easier on the wrists and shoulders.

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