Solipsism: Word of the Day

Solipsism, n.

Extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one’s feelings, desires, etc.; egoistic self-absorption.

Some would say that “writing for oneself” is a form of solipsism.  Others would say that saying the that (above) was asking for trouble.

How will you use solipsism in a sentence today?

(This is a joke, folks.)


2 responses to “Solipsism: Word of the Day

  1. The narcissism epidemic is fueled, in part, by solipsism.

  2. Solipsism, is correctly used, a technical philosophical term. It refers to the ‘theory’ of a highly developed idealism which would, as an epistemological position, hold that the only ideas and experiences we can and do know are those of the individual. Thus the only knowledge an individual is guaranteed is that of his own awareness. Consequently, the individual can be aware of only his own existence. Everything, people included, would be the result of his ideas and perceptions. They would be in kind, only his story, his interpretation, etc. etc. If you think about this, and give it some real thought, you may find that at certain moments, anyway, it can be a very credible thesis; After all we do, each of us, write our own world. Happy solipsism then, everyone. Richard, it was wonderful meeting you. I do know that you are a very good writer. That is what I too, must do. I’m getting on in life. I must finish The Trilogy. Then if I can and have time for blogging, I will. Will visit occasionally. I’ve got a trilogy to write. All, all, all, the best Richard, but I have to stop ‘hanging on’. I am just grateful that I can visit through your WEbook post. Please don’t discontinue that. I’m conflicted. And will miss this post tremendously.

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