It turns out that being a writer forever, and a techie since the late 70’s doesn’t necessarily make you able to work out the ins and outs of Blogging on WordPress.

As I struggle with getting Uphill Writing from novice to professional status, I will share some of the tricks and traps I’ve discovered on the way.  TRUST ME about this, as well-planned, well-made, and well-intentioned as the good folks at are, they have not yet been able to automate everything.  Some of the things you must do to make your Blog work, while easy to do once you figure them out, can be a bit of a roadblock.  I trust this will help.

For starters, take a look at my on-going series entitled Blogging 101 for ideas, suggestions, tips and tricks.


2 responses to “Blogsville

  1. Love the new look, Rik. Much easier to read.

  2. how can i recieve your posts by email. you have a very inspiring site and i love t read your stuff. is there a way it gets sent to my email every day like some of the other wordpressers? thank you so much

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