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6 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Richard, I invite you to check out the website noted above, where I believe you’ll find some insightful and creative writing. There’s opinion (I have a few), there is news, even recipes and some testimonies. I’ve only just stumbled upon your blog, and haven’t had the opportunity to delve deeper, but it appears to me that I’ll enjoy doing so. My plan is to return soon and navigate my way around a bit more. No doubt there’s valuable information here for any of us who write.

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  3. Hi,
    Nice topic April 30 – communication and the brain. May I repost it with you as a guest writer on my site -with your URL linked in post of course?

  4. hey. . .nice blog,,,

  5. Hey Richard. I have come to Bill’s group a couple of times. We have talked a few times. Very true, characters are fallible, corruptible, and that makes a good novel. But it is when a character grows through life’s challenges that makes a great novel.

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