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I’m Spoiled

This morning, as I was about to spring out of bed in order to start yet another very long day of writing, and writerly tasks, I turned to look at the clock.  And the clock blacked out.  I thought it was me, at first.  Sleep has been elusive of late, and I’ve resorted to sleepy pills (shhh, don’t talk too loud around the rest of them–you’ll wake them up!)  And of course, this means a groggy, slow to speed kind of morning.  So, maybe the clock didn’t go out.  Maybe we all just blinked at the same time.

Ah, but no.  In fact not only had the bedroom clock gone out, but every clock in the house except for the one powered by batteries hanging on the kitchen wall.  And I couldn’t see that one, because it was dark. 

Yeah, power outage.  One of the first things that occurs to me if I can’t get to my computer, and get some work done is this: Well, since I can’t write anyway, how about if I pop some corn and watch a movie.  (Yeah, I even think that way that early in the morning.).  Of course then my mean-kid-from-down-the-block-voice says nyah, nyah, can’t pop corn!  Can’t watch TV.  No POWER, idiot!

I’m spoiled.  I no longer have a typewriter.  Since I type more than I write, my handwriting is so bad I was actually—this is true!—asked if I was a doctor by a nurse when I had to sign for a prescription one day.  There’s no way I can write longhand and expect to make out more than a few words a day or so later.

I’m spoiled.  I need light to work.  I need my computer, and my connection to the Internet to get the job done.  One big EMP explosion and I’m killed, cooked and served.

To quote Edward G. Robinson from the rather scary movie, Soylent Green, “How did we come to this?”

Food in the freezer would start to go bad.  If you had a gas stove and had matches you might be able to cook some of the perishable things, but then what?  Feast time?

I’m spoiled.  If it weren’t for the battery-powered radio I keep in the bathroom so I can listen to the news when I shower, I wouldn’t have been able to check to see how wide the outage was.

If I’d remembered to charge up my cell phone, I could have called the power company to see what to expect.  But of course since it was my whole neighborhood that went dark—I went outside and checked—and who knows how great an idea was afflicted, the wait on the phone would have probably eaten the remaining charge.  My phone charge doesn’t last as long as an old-style one-function cell-phone.  See, I have one of those new phones that does 127 things besides being a phone, including downloading TV shows.  It doesn’t make popcorn, though.

I’m spoiled.   I want all of my services—services?  No, my divine right to power, heat, cold to store food, electrons to inform and educate me, and my Internet connection so I can tell you how spoiled I am.  Oh, by the way, I got a new cable modem installed yesterday.  It has a battery, so, while I couldn’t get this computer going, I still had Internet connection.  I just couldn’t SEE it.

Gahhh!  It did it again.  Another power outage.  Dark screen!  Dark screen!  I hate it.

I have no idea how much of this post I lost.  Ever notice, though, how the writing you lose, the ideas you forget, are somehow so much better than the ones you don’t lose?

Well enough of this.  This is only a little about writing.  Mostly it’s about being annoyed, frustrated, and impotent in the face of a power failure.

I guess it’s true.  I’m spoiled.


How to Allow Inspiration to Take Over – Future NaNoWriMo Project

Some challenges are more important than others, and some important challenges are meaningful at different times.

Have you ever been tossed out of bed by an idea?

I was this morning, and I couldn’t be happier.  See, I don’t get enough sleep as it is.  I have a cat that demands his breakfast at ungodly hours, takes a few bites, then goes back to bed himself without a qualm.  So, you see, I’m used to being up early.  In fact, while I live on the left coast, I’ve “lived” on right coast time for more than twenty years now.  But that’s a long story in itself.

This morning I was tossed out of bed by the theme for my next novel.  It will be called “Wizard’s Blood“, and perhaps the only thing derivative about it is the title—which is tentative, and easily replaced by a better one, should such a thing come along.  I will be outlining Wizard’s blood on the working vacation I am taking starting tomorrow morning.  Yes, dear friends, I’m gonna be mostly out of touch, and not regularly updating UhW  for a week. 

A brief note about this:  If you are a heavy-duty blogger… if you post to a schedule of 5 or more entries per day, you will need to get away from time to time.  Otherwise your love of blogging could become a duty, a daily imperative, and that can steal the fun from your endeavors.

But, back to the main idea: …and that IS ideas.  Inspiration. 

Image: mikeramm.com

Inspiration has power.  It has energy

Today’s challenge: Make a distinction about inspiration.

What?  OK, allow me to get all Californiafruit and nuts” for a moment.  Making a distinction about a thing is taking the steps to make it real for yourself.  It is the mental movement of saying, “out loud” that such and such is so.  In our daily lives we often notice themes, ideas, notions, but unless we make a distinction about them, they have little value.

An example I like to make is one I call the “New Car Syndrome”.

You’ve decided on the next car you want to buy, new or used… or you’ve made up your mind about the next cool cellphone you must own.  At the moment you make that decision a remarkable thing happens.  You begin to see that car, that phone, that… whatever, everywhere you go.  What happened?  You made a distinction, and now you cannot help but see the object of that distinction everywhere you look.  Is it magic?  Is it…erm,  wooo woooo?  Not at all.  You’ve called a distinction into being, and the power of it lights up your ability to perceive what is around you.

For today, I’d like you to make a distinction about inspiration.  I want you to adjust your consciousness… to tune it, to see new ideas.  They’re everywhere, if you can only spot them and let them in.

They might even make you leap out of bed.

Your thoughts?